We are always happy to share your success story with CMO.

Gerard Youngblood  

Male. Age 57. Extreme case. Doctors told him to prepare to die soon. Arthritis in hands (always swollen), legs, hip, and back so severe he slept crouched on his knees. Also has emphysema. Tried CMO as last resort. Now sleeps normally, swelling gone, all pain gone,  emphysema 40% improved. “Gained back most of my health in more ways than I can explain.”

Lillian Martin  

Female. Age 70. Mountain climbing 40 years ago caused arthritis in right knee. Later also in hands, wrist, and back. Plus scoliosis. Unable to walk for exercise or comb hair. After 5 days of CMO knee pain and swelling gone. Could rise from chair, climb stairs, and walk down inclines comfortably. Even one month later hands are continuing to improve and back pain is almost completely gone. Now “retired and loving it.” 

Jeannine Martin  

Female. Age 46. Musician / entertainer. Pain & soreness hip, back, knees, left ankle. Trauma induced osteoarthritis. Several orthopedic surgeries. Began to see benefits third day. Fourth day no pain in back or hip. Other pains diminishing. Twelfth day - would you believe started bowling again. “Thanks for lifelong change. No side effects. Highly recommend CMO.”

John Sneed  

Golfer. Arthritis hands, elbows, lower back. Fifth day noted “remarkable improvements.” Total relief by end of treatment. “Do yourself a favor - get CMO.”

William Wieters  

Male. Businessman. Pain in hands. Surgery both knees generated arthritis. CMO relieved knee pain and stair climbing problems, and now pain-free hands allow extended computer time. “Thanks and God speed.”

Percy Deffner  

Male. 83 years old. Finished CMO three months ago. Considerable pain relief, but still has a bit of a limp. Taking one pack of Knox gelatin for past 90 days. Feels CMO-gelatin combo are complementary.

Ken Jordan  

Spurs in heels and knees. Pains in shoulders and elbows. Previous hip dislocation. Could not walk more than 100 steps.  Doctors did not believe he had arthritis. After 4 days of CMO pains in feet and heels disappeared. After 6 days pain in shoulders and elbows also disappeared.

Douglas Linkalard  

Male. 27 yrs old. Pains in neck and shoulders. Responding well. Very enthusiastic.

Debbie Logan  

Female. Horse trainer. Neck and shoulder pains likely from hauling around 1000 lb animals all day long. Great results from CMO. Also good results with HORSES.

Leslie Thompson  

Female. Horse trainer. Excellent results with CMO on HORSES and DOGS.

Barbara March 

10 year history of digestive problems + high blood pressure. Digestive problems gone. Blood pressure normalizing. Very excited.

Dr. Russell Brennem 

Took CMO for knees that were totally lacking cartilage. Had only slight relief of pain.

Mrs Jeannie Holm

Moderate pain always present hand, spine, chest. Stairs difficult. Couldnt unscrew jars. Pain now gone.

Christine Puccio

Knee surgery. Torn meniscus, ligaments, cartilage. No exercise! Pain now gone, climb steps, wears low heels, walks for exercise.

Emilio Campos

Always severe pain in knees, back, neck. Stairs difficult Now off meds, climbs stairs easily, pain gone.

George R Gray

Severe pain always both hips, difficult joint movement. Pain now gone, more mobility. Resumed walking. Blood pressure dropped. “Fantastic”

Patricia Anderson

Severe pain most times hands, knees, ankles, feet. Hand inflm, pain gone. All rest improved. Does chores,walks.

William J Naples

Always severe pain knees, hips, back. Ltd flex. Now bowls, golfs, walks. Exercises 1½ hrs daily.

Ernest Cosma

Severe pain most times hip, knees, spine. Ltd flex. Now pain “relaxed”, climbs stairs okay.