Frequently Asked Questions

What is CMO?   Where does it come from?

Cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate is the biochemical name. CMO™ is the trade name. It is a completely natural substance made from the fatty tissue of US beef. As supplied in capsules, it is a naturally derived, highly purified and refined “fatty acid ester” prepared for oral administration at a government FDA approved facility in the USA.

What makes CMO so different from all the other remedies I’ve tried?  

Unlike everything else, CMO™ is not a pain reliever. It is not an anti-inflammatory. It is not  a cortisone or other steroid. CMO™ is an immunomodulator. There’s never been anything like it before for arthritis. Instead of treating the symptoms of pain and inflammation, CMO™ capsules act directly against the cause of arthritis -- the malfunctioning programs of your own immune system that cause the attacks against your joints. The bad programming is why, as time passes, arthritis only gets worse, never better. But once the program is corrected, the attacks on your joints are halted and the symptoms of pain and inflammation are promptly remedied. 

Does it work for both rheumatoid and osteo arthritis?      

Both types respond equally well. It also works for most other types of arthritis such as those associated with ankylosing spondylitis, Reiter’s syndrome, Sjögren’s syndrome, Behçet’s syndrome, and psoriasis. It has also been found to relieve various types of back pain of undetermined origin (probably arthritis related).         

Is CMO used for any other Immune related iIlnesses?

Current studies include CMO™ as a part of  therapeutic protocol for other disorders with autoimmune components including lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS) , fibromyalgia, scleroderma,  emphysema, migraines, benign prostate hyperplasia, carpal tunnel syndrome, simple asthma, etc. It also works for dogs, cats, horses, pigs and other animals.

Does CMO improve joint mobility?   


Absolutely! If the joint can be moved just slightly (by the afflicted person or even by someone else), joint mobility can usually be restored. But if the bones have fused and grown together only surgery can help those particular joints. 

Does it stop arthritis pain?     


Arthritis pain will disappear completely in almost every instance. In a few extreme cases pain was reduced by only 50% to 70%, which was still of such major benefit that it allowed the persons to function normally again.

Does CMO reduce inflammation?   


Yes, and it does so very effectively. The pressure in the joints caused by the inflammation is the major cause of stiffness and pain.

How long before it takes effect? 

Some people begin to feel relief within the first week (two to four days). Others may take a bit longer, and rarely, some may even need a few weeks to notice improvement, everyone's body is different and react to the course differently. This is why we recommend a minimum of a 1 month protocol course.

Can I continue with my usual medications while taking CMO?

If you are on medications from your doctor for any condition. Don’t stop taking them. CMO™ does not interfere with medications. However, some medications interfere with the immune modulating benefits of CMO™. Methotrexate/Rheumatrex, Plaquenil, cylcosporine, gold shots, cloroquine, prednisone, cortisones and other steroids should be eliminated or reduced to a minimum for one week before starting CMO™, or at least gradually reduced as comfort level permits while taking CMO™.

IN Diabetics, CMO may intervene in autoimmune attacks on the islet cells of the pancreas and reduce the need of insulin; so careful monitoring is necessary while taking CMO.

*ALWAYS consult your doctor before altering the dosage of any prescription medication or adding any new protocol.

Is the CMO treatment expensive?

The cost of treatment is very modest. Most arthritis victims are already spending more on pain and anti- inflammation medications in just a few months. Since you need to take only one or two sets of CMO™ capsules, it actually saves thousands of dollars in the long run.

Is age a factor?

Not at all. All ages respond well. Although arthritis becomes far more common with advancing age, even very young children are sometimes afflicted.

What causes arthritis?   

The numerous theories about what causes arthritis have filled hundreds of volumes. But one thing we do know is that the arthritic process is regulated by “memory T-cells” of your immune system, the faulty programming of which causes attacks on your own joints and cartilage. As an immunomodulator CMO™ normalizes the immune system and halts the arthritic process itself! In osteoarthritis this faulty programming usually results from physical damage (like a fall, sports injury, vehicle accident, vibrating machinery, repetitive motions, frequent jarring of the joints, etc.). The damage results in an immune response involving the memory T-cells, producing attacks against the affected joints. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘stop button’ or ‘end program’ command in the memory T-cells and the attacks continue against healthy cartilage and joints as well. That’s why arthritis is called an autoimmune disease - because your own immune cells attack your own body. Although the various forms of rheumatoid arthritis are usually caused by some infective microorganism, memory T-cells are again involved in the same arthritic process.  Without CMO™, it continues to worsen.

How does CMO work?

CMO™ corrects the root cause of arthritis by rectifying and normalizing the faulty immune function. Once the destruction of your joints is halted, your body can begin its repair process without interference, and joints begin to normalize. Although the major benefits come promptly, minor improvements continue even for several months after finishing CMO™. With the pain and inflammation relieved, the joints can function again quite normally. Despite minor physical damage to bones as a result of long affliction, perfectly normal joint function usually returns regardless.     

Will it correct deformities?      

Yes. Deformed fingers and toes are often caused by inflammation, which swells joints and pushes the bones out of place. Reduction of the swelling alone improves appearance dramatically and often allows the dislocated bones to return to their normal positions. Extreme cases may require some physical therapy or surgery.

Is CMO harmful in any way?

CMO™ studies began at the US National Institutes of Health more than forty years ago. In past years,, the San Diego Clinic conducted clinical applications studies. No harmful short or long-term effects were ever observed in humans, or in laboratory animals even at extremely high doses. Similar substances have long been used in common foods including cheese and chocolate, and even in medicines and cosmetics. It is a perfectly safe, naturally derived substance. To date over 500,000 people have benefited from the astonishing results of CMO.

What's in each capsule?

There are 385mg of CMO™ per capsule, a total of 770mg per dose as well as magnesium (from magnesium amino acid chelate 88mg).

Authentic CMO™ contains a group of ten naturally associated fatty acids.

Can it come from vegetables?

Authentic CMO™ does NOT come from "vegetable sources" and neither can cetyl myristoleate according to our chemists. According to the industry standard materials on the table oils, there are no viable forms of CMO™ or cetyl myristoleate in vegetable source oil.

Does CMOHQ offer any medical questions or advice?

Regretfully, we cannot properly answer questions regarding personal medical conditions for individuals we have never examined personally. The answers to most medical questions regarding arthritis, Lupus, MS, Muscular Dystrophy and other immune related diseases are very likely to be found in Dr. Sands books which is available through CMOHQ in our online store.

Does CMOHQ have a walk-in store or will call facility where I can physically pick-up my merchandise?

We do not have a store or will call facility. All orders are placed online or through our phone ordering line (619) 662.0379, then processed and shipped from our warehouse located in SoCal, no exceptions.


CMO™ facts



Take 2 capsules in the morning and then again at night for 30 days, then say goodbye to the problems of arthritis.



CMO™ is the commercial name for cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate. It is naturally derived from beef. Similar substances have long been used in common foods including cheese and chocolate. This treatment is accepted by the modern medical community.



Two bottle of capsules is all you should ever need for relief from the symptoms of arthritis for the rest of your life. Most affected persons need to take CMO™ for only a month. No further treatment or medicines are needed, not even CMO™. Once CMO™ has done it’s work stopping arthritis the benefits continue for long periods of time as your body repairs and reverses the damage done by arthritis.



It works for both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It works for all other types of arthritis except gouty arthritis. CMO™ has been effective on nearly everyone that does not have severe liver damage.  CMO™ almost always provides 100% relief of pain, swelling and return of mobility. In the clinical studies they found a few severe cases that only received 50% to 70% relief. Even in those cases, the relief provided by CMO™ was invaluable and the subjects were able to return to a normal life.



Because CMO™ is naturally derived it will not react with medications. However it is best to avoid steroids and cortizones if possible. You need the full function of your liver to get the best results with CMO™. After a few days you probably won’t need your arthritis medications anymore.



CMO™ is not like the many medicines for arthritis that are toxic. CMO™ is not even like the several types of vitamins that are toxic at high levels. CMO™ has been tested at extremely high dosages, up to 500 times the normal level, and shown to have no ill effects whatsoever. To date thousands upon thousands of people have used CMO™ to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and there are no reported ill effects from anyone.

CMO is the world’s first and only true adaptagenic immunomodulator.

Only CMO™ has corrective and restorative immunomodulatory properties for autoimmune diseases. Other so-called “immunomodulators” do not. They function primarily as immunosuppressants or immunostimulants. They are capable of only one principal action, either suppressing or stimulating immune function. CMO™, on the other hand, permanently corrects existing autoimmune programs within the memory T-cells themselves rather than just temporarily suppressing or stimulating immune system activities. That is why a single CMO™ therapy program usually lasts forever without any need to repeat the therapy or use any additional medication of any kind. CMO™ is not an immunosuppressant, nor an immunostimulant. Nor is it a pharmaceutical. It is a naturally derived substance that has received the highest safety level attainable by certified independent laboratory testing. Some practitioners have theorized that, in the case of arthritis for example, CMO™ merely acts upon pain receptors at the arthritic site. If that were so, CMO’s effects would not be permanent. Furthermore, that theory cannot explain:

  • how CMO™ lowers blood sedimentation rates in lupus patients,
  • or how it reverses lung inflammation in emphysema,
  • or how it lowers the need for insulin in diabetics,
  • or how it reverses prostate inflammation,   
  • or how it relieves certain symptoms of multiple sclerosis,
  • or how it corrects Crohn’s disease,
  • or how it reverses fibromyalgia,
  • or how it lowers high blood pressure yet elevates low blood pressure,
  • or how it benefits virtually any ailment with autoimmune components.

Obviously, CMO™ is a general remedial immunomodulator that acts upon the memory T-cells which control the autoimmune processes within our bodies. Those who speculate otherwise have misunderstood the biophysiological actions of CMO™ within the body. It is also important to understand that CMO™ acts only upon memory T-cells and does not inhibit the activities of any of the several other types of T-cells that are responsible for combating ineffective microorganisms or invading substances. It does not weaken immune response.™