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The marketplace seems to be sprouting new CMO counterfeit impersonators every day. Consumers, distributors, nutritionists, scientists, physicians, and other health care professionals are confused and dizzy from the spin put on these phony products. We hope to clarify and differentiate between as many of these various fraudulent impostors. However, We may not be able to keep up with all the new ones as fast as they appear. Still, you should be able to apply many of the points here to other products as well.  

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First and foremost, there are only a very few authentic CMOTM worldwide distributors out there. let us emphasize that our formulations are developed in consultation with, and are approved by the San Diego clinic, and for over a decade now we have been working closely with the SDC clinic to supply authentic CMOTM  to the world with thousands of satisfied customers and currently supplying order to the USA, UK, EUROPE and the rest of the world. And remember CMOTM it is the only naturally derived product of its kind on the market. As such it contains many beneficial closely related trace substances which aid in its effectiveness -- just as the bioflavanoids accompanying vitamin C aid in its effectiveness.



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What is CMOTM?   Where does it come from?


Cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate is the biochemical name. CMO is the trade name. It is a completely natural substance made from the fatty tissue of US beef. As supplied in capsules, it is a naturally derived, highly purified and refined “fatty acid ester” prepared for oral administration at a government-approved facility.


Does CMO improve joint mobility?      


Absolutely! If the joint can be moved just slightly (by the afflicted person or even by someone else), joint mobility can usually be restored. But if the bones have fused and grown together only surgery can help those particular joints. 


Does it stop arthritis pain?      


Arthritis pain will disappear completely in almost every instance. In a few extreme cases pain was reduced by only 70% to 90%, which was still of such major benefit that it allowed the persons to function normally again.


What causes arthritis?   


The numerous theories about what causes arthritis have filled hundreds of volumes. But one thing we do know is that the arthritic process is regulated by “memory T-cells” of your immune system, the faulty programming of which causes attacks on your own joints and cartilage. As an immunomodulator CMO normalizes the immune system and halts the arthritic process itself! In osteoarthritis this faulty programming usually results from physical damage (like a fall, sports injury, vehicle accident, vibrating machinery, repetitive motions, frequent jarring of the joints, etc.). The damage results in an immune response involving the memory T-cells, producing attacks against the affected joints. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘stop button’ or ‘end program’ command in the memory T-cells and the attacks continue against healthy cartilage and joints as well. That’s why arthritis is called an autoimmune disease - because your own immune cells attack your own body. Although the various forms of rheumatoid arthritis are usually caused by some infective microorganism, memory T-cells are again involved in the same arthritic process.  Without CMO, it continues to worsen.


How does CMOTM work?


CMO corrects the root cause of arthritis by rectifying and normalizing the faulty immune function. Once the destruction of your joints is halted, your body can begin its repair process without interference, and joints begin to normalize. Although the major benefits come promptly, minor improvements continue even for several months after finishing CMO. With the pain and inflammation relieved, the joints can function again quite normally. Despite minor physical damage to bones as a result of long affliction, perfectly normal joint function usually returns regardless. 



How come I never heard of this before?

CMO was just discovered in late 1995 and first marketed in 1996. Despite the publicity CMO users have generated, as the manufacturer, it will be a few more years until we can publish claims that meet the ever changing criteria of our current government regulations. Essential laws governing the Food & Drug industry have only just recently allowed for "Dietary Supplements". Even those regulations were deemed unconstitutional by the court of appeals in January of 1999. However, as the laws governing claims change, we will post all available information.                  


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